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Hajims Nation HQ's Update Archive

I like to bounce around from one thing to another. This website is just another example of that. But I'd like to have a place to keep track of all my projects so far

Please note I am a stinky American, and will format my dates in the way I am used to.

March 2

Chapter 3 of Tales of Grandier was added. I will try to update once a week

February 20

Some code from yesterday kicked in today(it is strange)

February 19

Finally looked up how to spell "February"

Certain characters now move! Mostly shrine icons

I made a couple of pages look cooler

February 18

I added a new, completed project to my list

I finished my text on Energy Drink Cookie, and added a pixel art to the Rouxls shrine

The Tales of Grandier comic is now in the dumpster

February 17

I updated both my Energy Drink Cookie and Rouxls Kaard shrines. Both aren't complete, but I've written most of my thoughts for both. I plan on adding pictures and links later for pizzaz.

February 3

I came back from a break to add my art commission sheet and a section for my art to be dumped on

Jan 23(ish)

Added a bunch of sections to the site, including the start of a new subproject

Jan 21

I finished setting up my ".css" files, making my main format

January 19 2023

I started my account and website!